When you are managing a larger or smaller group or people you will often be faced with situations where you have to present a new system, new guidelines or any other change which your team members will have to follow. So how can best do that in a convincing way, which will make your team both accept and support the change?

Well, most often, you will probably try to first create understanding and motivation for the change among your team members before actually implementing it. This is what could be called a “sell & tell” approach, where you “sell” the idea to your team first (why is this change necessary, what are the benefits for them, how do you plan to limit any negative consequences, etc) before implementing the change in the daily work – the “tell”.

While this “sell & tell” approach often feels to be the right one (to create motivation for change), you will also often have to manage a “tell & sell” situation, where for various reasons a change to daily work needs to be implemented more or less right away. You will therefore first have to “tell” and implement and only afterwards “sell” the change by fully explaining the reasons, the benefits, etc.

So to be able to plan and implement change, you must manage – and practice – both the “sell & tell” as well as the “tell & sell”.