Most sports leaders have found themselves doing an interview at one point or another in their careers. Sometimes the interviewer asks easy questions and sometimes they ask difficult ones. No matter the questions, how do you as a sports leader answer the question and at the same time deliver your key message?

This is where the bridging technique can be quite useful. Bridging is a technique used by spokespeople to move from a (difficult) question to a prepared key message.  Bridging means forming a bridge between one point and another. For example, when you are being asked a question about a subject, we answer that question, then go on to talk about prepared key messages.

So how to bridge to the answer you want to give? Just remember your ABCs:

Acknowledge the question – show the interviewer that you understand the question.

Bridge to your answer – use a phrase to change the scope of your answer. Ex: “Interesting question, let me point out though…” or “Let me just add…”

Continue with your key message – exploit the connection between different parts of the subject at hand to tell your story

So the next time you find yourself being interviewed, don’t just answer questions – make sure that you deliver your message.

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