The training of staff is rightly seen as a fundamental aspect of development in any organisation. Not only does training develop the practical skills required to improve work performance, but the process of training itself also encourages a feeling of progression that can boost morale and prevent staff turnover.

That said, it can often be tricky to decipher exactly how to train staff. Finding formal training courses can not only be time-consuming but the courses themselves can be expensive and with varying quality and appropriateness depending on the trainers and the characteristics of the trainee. Meanwhile, the impact of such training is often just for one employee, rather than many.

A good way to circumvent these challenges is providing internal training sessions and programmes, led by members of the team. The content of these can vary completely based on the team’s preference, ranging from more of a formal ‘teacher-led’ session to a group brainstorm about a specific topic related to your organisation and industry.

Not only is this a less costly alternative to formal external training, but it can also be used to promote team-building, increase knowledge of what different internal departments are working on, and provide a valuable opportunity for staff members to take on a leadership role by improving presentation and facilitation skills. So next time you’re thinking about how best to train your teams, think internal as well as external.

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