Looking ahead to the start of a new year, many managers are focusing on what they have to do better, what should be changed in the months to come, and which new thing to implement – either on a personal level or organisational level.

While the beginning a new year provides a natural hook for such initiatives it will often be more motivating – for yourself or your team when you present them the suggested initiatives – if you rather start identifying what’s going well right now.

To do that, simply list the areas where you (or your organisation) are doing well, where clear successes have been registered and where you know your clients/members are satisfied with what is now being delivered. Hopefully your list will be quite long!

Then, try to identify the commonalities which run across most of the areas on the list. This will help you further identify what your strengths are which have produced success in different areas. It will provide you with useful insights about what you could do even better, and what should be changed. This will probably also indicate a few new things which would stand out as obvious improvements.

Maybe you will get to more or less the same results as if you had started by identifying what’s going wrong. But the process of originating from what you’re doing well is just a much more motivating and engaging approach.

Like it was for many of us yesterday at midnight; a glass half full (of champagne) feels better than a glass half empty. Happy New Year!

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