The Tuesday Tip

from the BCW Sports Practice

When communicating, segment the good news and combine the bad

In the busy world we live in, we tend to think that grouping as much information into one message is better than sending multiple ones. Well, we might actually be wrong. Behavioral science shows that experiences seem longer when they are broken into segments. Compare winning $10 in one gamble with winning $5 twice. Most of us…

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To find your next team member, include your team

Recruiting is an important task for managers of any organisations. Members of staff will ultimately help to dictate the working culture and environment, and through their work and attitude become crucial success factors for your organisation. But the recruiting process is not an easy one. In relatively short periods of time, organisation leaders need to…

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When developing strategy, focus as much on supply as on demand

Organisations often spend quite some time developing, renewing or refreshing their strategies. This is an important exercise, which will always be a key part of the role of any manager – whether you are running a commercial company or a non-for-profit organisation such as a national or international sports federation. Sometimes managers get it right…

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When giving a presentation, make your audience forget you are “presenting”

We have all listened to many presentations – and even though presenters try their very best to “bring life to the presentation” and “tell stories not facts”, many presentations can still be quite dry and unengaging. One of the reasons for this is that the very notion of a “presentation” automatically gives many audience members…

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To make your clients happy, give them rituals and stick to them!

When evaluating the success of any service encounter one must ultimately think about the customer`s perception of the service that he/she had received, because this is what determines customer satisfaction. That is why executives within any organisation that provides services have to pay more attention to underlying factors affecting those perceptions. So what can you…

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Your strategy can only work if it’s simple to explain

Strategic planning is essential to any organisation. Plans take different shapes or forms, but they all have the same aim: establishing where the organisation wants to be tomorrow and how it will get there. In order to be fully embraced by all, both internally and externally, strategic plans need to be very easy to explain.…

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To remain relevant, move from “administrator” to “consultant”

One of the main tasks of an organisation is to provide administrative support to its stakeholders and members. The problem is that administration alone does not encourage developing the organisation or improving its relations with stakeholders. As times are changing, organisations need to expand their services beyond just administration. So the question is: how can…

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When measuring progress, think carefully about what to measure

Measuring progress is an essential component of management.  As the saying goes; “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” It is crucial for any manager to know what the criteria for success are, and if he/she cannot measure how the organisation is performing, success becomes abstract. The important question, however, is what should…

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If you are to use an out-of-the-office reply, make it mean something!

In a previous Tuesday Tip, we looked at ways we could avoid setting up out-of-the-office automatic replies by making ourselves not needed when we were not available. However if not having one makes you too nervous – then have it, but make it mean something! Most of us usually use the very basic form of…

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Want to be persuasive? Toss your (old) PowerPoint slides!

Persuasion is of extraordinary importance in today’s world. But despite the critical role of persuasion, most people struggle to communicate, let alone inspire. Too often, they get lost in the organisational routine: text-heavy PowerPoint slides, facts and figures, and endless meetings. Even the most carefully researched and thoughtful efforts are regularly met with cynicism or…

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