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from the BCW Sports Practice

To advise effectively, focus on being helpful rather than being right

One of the main tasks of a sports organisations is to provide administrative support to its members and stakeholders. However, administration alone does not promote growth. In order to foster their development, sports organisations must ask themselves: “what do our members expect from us?”. They must start to think in terms of services, become consultants…

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When organizing your next meeting, think about walking

With modern workplaces increasingly fostering collaboration and team-work, meetings have become a central mean to exchange information and to make decisions. In fact, effective meetings can have a positive impact on the communication and decision-making processes in an organization. Even though it seems to be easier and more convenient than ever to organize a meeting…

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Act like a trainer when delegating a task

As most managers, you probably think of delegating as a way to pass off tasks when you don’t have time to do them. When you have the time, you will continue to do them yourself. This is not an uncommon behavior. After all, you are probably better at doing your job than people in your…

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When giving a speech, know exactly when to look up at your audience

Using a script when delivering an important speech allows the speaker to feel more comfortable, to speak more clearly, and to say everything that needs to be said. However, there is a danger that with reading like this, the audience will more easily disengage with the speaker because the script acts as an “obstacle” between…

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To successfully make a change, make sure to unfreeze and refreeze

Change is an essential part of any organisation. With societal changes and developments in technology, organisations must consistently adapt and make sure that their successes of today can transfer to successes of tomorrow. That said, change projects are often, understandably, met with a strong resistance – by those fearing it may have a negative impact…

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Make sure you are not needed when you are not available

In today’s busy and fast-paced professional world, it is given that you must always “be available”. Whether it is to your members, your clients or your partners, they all expect that they can reach you whenever they need you. However, nobody can “be available” all the time – yet still, this is expected. So how…

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If you want to see changes in your organisation, focus first on your strategy and then on your structure

“We need a new structure”, “our re-structuring process has started”, “the task force is looking into changing the structure of our federation”. These phrases probably sound familiar to most people involved in the management of a sports organisation. Many sports federations have been through a so-called re-structuring process, which often includes lengthy discussions about how…

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Integrate your sport, your organisation and your products to enhance your brand

Any sport organisation getting into a branding or re-branding exercise has to first think very carefully about what the focus of the exercise should be to have the best impact. What should the brand be known for? What brand attributes will reach the largest possible audience? The attributes basically need to be derived from the…

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If you want to inspire your employees, start with the why

Managing a team is as exciting as it can be challenging. As a leader, you undoubtedly have a lot of tasks to deal with every day and finding ways to keep your employees motivated to do the work adds on a lot of pressure. What if you could find that one formula to make your…

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