The Tuesday Tip

from the BCW Sports Practice

When presenting, make more sense by using fewer slides!

Despite the frequent criticism of using slides when presenting, in general it is still a very useful tool for enhancing both the understanding and the impact of the presentations we make. That said, we must very carefully consider which slides to actually include in our presentation. We should follow the “less is more” philosophy –…

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It’s time to rethink annual performance reviews!

Open up any traditional management book and chances are you’ll find a chapter dedicated to annual performance reviews and their merits for both the professional and personal development of employees. An opportunity to reflect of the past 12 months, set new goals for the 12 ahead and boost employee performance. And perhaps that was once…

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Feel treated unfairly? Start managing upwards!

“Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated”. It is the golden rule; the ethic of reciprocity. It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures across the globe. However, it may not always be applied in the everyday working world. You might well know the…

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Resist frustrations by thinking one year on!

Positive feedback from a client, a compliment from a colleague, or a project successfully delivered usually makes us feel positive and enthusiastic. Other situations such as a heated discussion, a complaint or project complications often challenge us and can make us feel disappointed, frustrated or resentful. Experiencing such situations is often part of our daily…

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As a manager you must get feedback from your team

It is an important part of the job of any manager to provide feedback to her/his team members. So if you are managing a team, you probably often think about how you can provide feedback to your team members in a good and constructive way. But what about feedback going the other way ? You…

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Enhance meeting productivity by finding the technology win-win

Meetings, in one form or another, now form an indispensable part of any working environment. On average, executives are reported to spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, up from less than 10 in the 1960s. Maximising – and indeed reducing – meeting time should therefore be seen as a fundamental aspect for any…

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To be more convincing, be less formal

As professionals in sport, most of the written communication we do is meant to influence. Whether it is to explain the rationale behind a rule change, a new development strategy for the federation, or the motivations behind new event format, we write with the objective of bringing people closer to our point of view. But…

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Boost team motivation by celebrating

At the start of any project, teams are usually highly animated by novelty and by the motivation to exceed expectations. However, as most of these projects are stretched over several weeks, months or even years, this initial motivation naturally tends to diminish. Teams can experience a slump in motivation and can lose sight of their…

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Too much work, too little time? Clarify expectations!

Next week is going to be a busy week with high piles of work. You’ve got your to do list set up, you’ve planned, you’ve prioritized, you’ve delegated, and you are focused, but you are still struggling to find out how to get that much work done in only little time. Even though your master…

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