The world is facing a difficult and worrying time, which can certainly create stress for all of us in our working environment. When we are in such kind stress mode, we could have a tendency to communicate with co-workers and contacts in a non-optimal way if we disagree with them over certain work related topics. And this risk of reacting in an unproductive and maybe even sometimes offending way during a stress situation, is increased when we communicate via emails. We have probably all in last month or so sent an angry email to someone – right ?  And while we may think we feel better after sending that angry work email, overwhelming scientific evidence shows we are only intensifying and extending our anger.

So what to do?   Well try this simple, yet very effective advice:  you go ahead and write the email, but you send to yourself. Then, step away and read it later. See if you feel the same and ask yourself what you really would expect to gain. Is that angry email just to make you feel better – or is it to truly resolve the issue?  Then write the final version with that in mind.

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