In the busy world we live in, we tend to think that grouping as much information into one message is better than sending multiple ones. Well, we might actually be wrong.

Behavioral science shows that experiences seem longer when they are broken into segments. Compare winning $10 in one gamble with winning $5 twice. Most of us would prefer to win twice. What about losing $10 in one game as compared with losing $5 in each of two gambles? Here, most people prefer only one loss. That’s why organisations should break-up pleasant experiences into multiple stages and combine unpleasant ones into a single stage.

This means that if you have three pieces of good news to share with your clients, members or sponsors, think of a way in which you can communicate them in three different messages. People will get a much bigger (meaning positive) perception of your performance than if the news was grouped in one email.

In the contrary, if you have to share bad or unpleasant information (a change in internal procedure, a colleague’s decision to leave), you should wait until you have gathered a few items to communicate them in a combined way, in one or as few messages as possible.

So next time you have great things to share with the world, don’t rush. Instead, share them bit by bit!

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