In our global, connected world, those whose responsibility in an organisation is to make a product, a service or an event more visible (marketers, communicators) will most probably think about how big their next coms idea should be, to reach as many people as possible. Which influencer can bring the most attention? Which media will provide the largest platform to be heard by as many as possible? These are all the obvious questions.

Well, sometimes the smallest of initiatives can have global resonance – simply because they are powerful: back in March, a US bourbon brand donated $50,000 to a local pizzeria in Los Angeles so that their staff could give out free meals to those in need during the COVID-19 outbreak. Recently, the organising committee of the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne, Switzerland asked students from a local coms school to come up with the design and name of their mascot which turned out to be a huge success in that age group – which was the key target. And not only that: the story itself made the headlines, much more than if the design had been developed by a big agency.

These were not big programs, with multi-million dollar budgets or donations. They were simple, but interesting and impactful. And they got big resonance.

So when developing your next idea, try to go smaller. Imagine something local that is so meaningful that it can’t be ignored.