Next week is going to be a busy week with high piles of work. You’ve got your to do list set up, you’ve planned, you’ve prioritized, you’ve delegated, and you are focused, but you are still struggling to find out how to get that much work done in only little time.

Even though your master plan sounds promising on paper, the problem is that you are spending much more time on each task than you actually have available or planned for.

This will not only result in stress and hours of overtime, but more importantly can have a negative effect on the work you deliver.

So, the question is, how to use your limited time efficiently enough to get high piles of work done without sacrificing on time? What strategy can help to increase your efficiency and get more done in less time?

Start with expectation management! When you start your task, make sure that you have a clear and detailed understanding of what you actually have to deliver and until when.

Instead of wasting your time on speculating about what you should probably do, approach your boss, colleague or client to clarify what they need and expect from you precisely.

Once you know exactly what they await to get from you, you can use your time on the actual work. This way you eliminate the time you would have used on speculating and overthinking what you think you should do. And ultimately you get things done on time and produce great work in the first place.

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