One of the main tasks of an organisation is to provide administrative support to its stakeholders and members. The problem is that administration alone does not encourage developing the organisation or improving its relations with stakeholders. As times are changing, organisations need to expand their services beyond just administration.

So the question is: how can you, as part of such an organisation, secure a paradigm shift in how you view yourself when dealing with your members? How can you move from providing administrative support to offering advice as a consultant? Here are three ways:

First, switch focus. As an administrator, you focus on operations, on getting the job done. As a consultant, your focus should be on strategy:  improving how things could be done. This means that you should be able to advise effectively through compiling, documenting knowledge and transfer it to your “clients” in the most usable way.

Second, switch measurement. Move from measuring efficiency (dong things right) to measuring effectiveness (doing the right things). Whilst having an element of being efficient, being a good consultant is also about advising on the best way forward.

Third, switch perspective. Administration is about today. Being a consultant is thinking about tomorrow. If administrating means serving the organisation and its members’ interests today applying rules and regulations, consulting is about helping them develop. About capturing what you know and using this knowledge to improve your clients’ future.

By dedicating more resources to servicing your stakeholders as a knowledge-based advisor rather than just as an operator through rules and regulations, you will increase your value and most probably your organisation’s along with it.

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