The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone However, this very special time has also allowed us to think in a different way and use creativity to find innovative solutions to our problems – whether it’s accelerating the use of digital, renewing a range of services or simply a new way of working with colleagues.

As deconfinement measures begin to be put in place around the world, many of us are eager to get back to our old ways and routine. However, the world will probably not be the same as it was before. And even if it were, then we wouldn’t have maximised the opportunity to renew ourselves and become better at what we do.

This is probably one of those things that is easier said than done, but how can we learn from this experience and come back stronger than before?

Before rushing into a frantic return to business, dare to take the time to analyse the things that have been positive and that you would like to keep or continue to develop once you return to the office. And most importantly, write them down somewhere! This is the best way to ensure that your new goals are realised. It sounds a bit cliché, but it actually does work.

As neuroscientists explains, writing things down happens on two levels: external storage and encoding. External storage is easy to explain: you’re storing the information contained in your goal in a location (e.g. a piece of paper) that is very easy to access and review at any time.

But there’s another deeper phenomenon happening: encoding. Encoding is the biological process by which the things we perceive travel to our brain’s hippocampus where they’re analysed. From there, decisions are made about what gets stored in our long-term memory and, in turn, what gets discarded. Writing improves that encoding process. In other words, when you write it down it has a much greater chance of being remembered.

So, before you go back to your old routine, write a note to yourself with the positive things you have developed throughout the last weeks and the changes you would like to see when back to the office – so it actually happens!