Recruiting is an important task for managers of any organisations. Members of staff will ultimately help to dictate the working culture and environment, and through their work and attitude become crucial success factors for your organisation.

But the recruiting process is not an easy one. In relatively short periods of time, organisation leaders need to gauge multiple factors to ensure they are best suited for the position.

A further complication is that, for many organisations, the individual hiring is not the person who spends the most time, professionally and personally, with the candidate. Whilst a candidate may fit the role on paper and perform well in a leader-driven interview, it may also be the case that they do not fit as well with the team and those members they will be asked to work most frequently.

So, next time you have an open position with candidates – consider inviting those team members who will be working most frequently with that person to be a critical part (or whole) of the recruitment process, even if quite junior.

Valuing the opinion of those who will work most often alongside the new recruit will not only help your staff to feel part of the organisation’s management, but it will also mean that they have a real stake in the recruit’s future success.

What follows is best for everybody: for the new person, the wider team, and – as a result – the organisation as a whole.


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