One of the main tasks of a sports organisations is to provide administrative support to its members and stakeholders. However, administration alone does not promote growth.

In order to foster their development, sports organisations must ask themselves: “what do our members expect from us?”. They must start to think in terms of services, become consultants to their members. But moving from administration to consulting at the organisational level is not simple.

When sports organisations decide to transform from being purely administrative, operations-focused to being more development-focused, a fundamental change in culture and attitude must be implemented. Indeed, becoming a service-based organisation not only requires shifting  focus away from efficiency and more towards effectiveness. This profound change in the way performance is measured must also be reflected in the organisation’s general attitude. Whereas administration is based on rules which the organisation must enforce, service-based sports organisation must be there to help and give advice based on the needs of its members.

Hence, to advise members effectively, sports organisation must focus on being helpful rather than being right: solutions are only valuable if they respond to members’ specific needs!

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