Positive feedback from a client, a compliment from a colleague, or a project successfully delivered usually makes us feel positive and enthusiastic. Other situations such as a heated discussion, a complaint or project complications often challenge us and can make us feel disappointed, frustrated or resentful.

Experiencing such situations is often part of our daily work and is normal. In fact, we cannot have control of everything that happens around us. But if we experience these mental, emotional and physical reactions as a result of challenges we meet in our daily work, what is the best way to respond to them?

There are various emotionally intelligent habits that can help us keep cool, but a good first step is to imagine it’s one year later! Ask yourself how much this incident will matter to you in one year from now and how much impact it will have upon your long-term plans. Think about whether it’s worth fighting them or if it will simply serve you better in the long run to let it go and move on.

So, next time you’re experiencing negative emotions, imagine you are one year ahead and try to see if you can remember the situation that made you feel upset and stressed in the first place.

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