Integrate your sport, your organisation and your products to enhance your brand

Any sport organisation getting into a branding or re-branding exercise has to first think very carefully about what the focus of the exercise should be to have the best impact. What should the brand be known for? What brand attributes will reach the largest possible audience? The attributes basically need to be derived from the…

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If you want to inspire your employees, start with the why

Managing a team is as exciting as it can be challenging. As a leader, you undoubtedly have a lot of tasks to deal with every day and finding ways to keep your employees motivated to do the work adds on a lot of pressure. What if you could find that one formula to make your…

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Ensure client satisfaction by setting expectations which you can exceed

In the first stages of a client relationship, we may be tempted to impress a client by promising exceptional performance and by overstating the amount of deliverables which they will receive. In our desire to impress from the get-go, we set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations which in turn will lead to…

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To encourage new ideas, don’t overlook the old-fashioned suggestions box

Over time, organisations and working individuals typically become more efficient and effective in the roles and functions. As we learn from our experiences of what has worked in the past and what has not, it is normally the case that gradual improvement comes. That said, such a focus on improving day-to-day operational activities, ie. doing…

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Defuse objections before they are raised

When trying to persuade someone of our ideas or when going into a sales meeting, it is very likely that our ideas will be faced by some objections. More often than not, during a pitch, we tend to provide all the reasons to support our ideas but while doing this, we are also providing the…

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To understand another person, get their perspective, don’t take it

For anyone who wants to understand the mind of another person, the answer seems obvious: do your best to deliberately try to see things from the other person’s point of view, imagining that you were in his or her shoes. That is what we call doing some perspective-taking. Social psychological research has demonstrated many benefits…

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To appear to be more competent, try to be more confident

Ever wondered why some people in your industry appear to be more competent than you while evidence tends to show that they are, in fact, not? Or why while you are busy at doing a good job, others seem to be advancing much faster in their careers? It is because perceptions of competence seem to…

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Break your addiction to procrastination by managing your negative emotions

Have you ever felt like cleaning up your office desk although your to-do-list only seemed to be getting longer? We all have. Procrastination is known to everyone and studies show it is a complex phenomenon. While your boss might think you have a time management issue, research shows that procrastination comes from a difficulty to…

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