When interacting with a client, focus on acing last impressions

First impressions are often regarded as crucial in determining a customer’s general feel for the interaction. The truth, however, is that the end of a relationship with a customer is actually more important than its beginning. What they are left with at the end is what will endure in their minds. The same rule goes…

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Training might not be the solution to increase your staff’s performance

The benefits of staff training are increasingly being praised. Workshops, seminars, online courses, you name it – to each problem its solution and that solution usually involves investing time and money into your employee’s education. However, much too often, the initial optimism which these trainings give rise to is swept away by an ex-post difficulty…

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When negotiating, the best thing to say may be nothing at all

In the run-up to a negotiation, common practice usually consists of preparing arguments and an array of possible responses. In other words, we tend to enter a negotiation ready to speak… a lot. However, mastering the art of remaining silent maybe equally important, if not more. Moments of silence in a conversation naturally tend to…

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To convince an audience, tell what you know – and what you don’t know

When presenting to a small or large group of people you want to achieve something – persuade them, inspire them, motivate them, etc. Having this in mind is the basic premise of any presentation, and whatever your objective is, you will only succeed if you tick off two important boxes, which the audience will be…

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Plan the new year by identifying what you’re doing well

Looking ahead to the start of a new year, many managers are focusing on what they have to do better, what should be changed in the months to come, and which new thing to implement – either on a personal level or organisational level. While the beginning a new year provides a natural hook for…

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To start delegating well, think of it as teaching

As most managers, you probably think of delegating as a way to pass off tasks when you don’t have time to do them. When you have the time, you will continue to do them yourself. This is not an uncommon behavior. After all, you are probably better at doing your job than people in your…

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To relieve some stress, learn something new

You probably handle work stress by buckling down and powering through. Which will probably not help relieve your anxiety as you won’t feel that you are getting something valuable out of the process. Instead, try reframing the stressful situation as a learning opportunity. Learning something new won’t only add to your skill set and knowledge,…

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Lead first with likeability – then followed by authority

In the workplace we tend to judge our colleagues, especially our leaders, by two characteristics. Likeability and authoritativeness: how likeable are they (their warmth and trustworthiness)? How much authority do they project (their strength and fearsomeness)? While these traits provide a perception of a leader and their abilities to manage individuals and achieve goals for…

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Make your advice more effective by providing a choice

Whenever you give advice to someone (a client, a member, a partner), you should not only ensure that it is good advice, but you should also make sure that the client will commit to it. In other words, that he or she really buys into the solution that you have proposed. Research has shown that…

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