Break your addiction to procrastination by managing your negative emotions

Have you ever felt like cleaning up your office desk although your to-do-list only seemed to be getting longer? We all have. Procrastination is known to everyone and studies show it is a complex phenomenon. While your boss might think you have a time management issue, research shows that procrastination comes from a difficulty to…

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When introducing yourself at a networking event, make it personal

Networking events can be daunting for some, boring for others. Overall, they tend to be taken much too seriously. Many of us go in with a precise goal in mind: meeting a specific person, spreading the word about our company, finding a new job. We enter networking events ready to sell ourselves – we expose…

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When under pressure, breathe

When workdays fill up with meetings and project deadlines arrive, we easily feel overwhelmed and busy. As a natural consequence, we tend to get anxious and stressed – some more than others. In those situations, we either push even harder or we look for alternative ways to cope with it. In the search of finding…

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Train your teams by letting them train themselves

The training of staff is rightly seen as a fundamental aspect of development in any organisation. Not only does training develop the practical skills required to improve work performance, but the process of training itself also encourages a feeling of progression that can boost morale and prevent staff turnover. That said, it can often be…

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If you want to develop a winning strategy, engage with your members first

Many sports organisations or sports cities/regions spend quite some time and resources in developing their own strategy. Despite their commitment to making it a success, only a few are satisfied with the results produced. Well, perhaps the way in which success is measured is not quite exhaustive. In general, people tend to focus on the…

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When taking part in a panel, speak first

Taking part in a panel or round table discussion is often seen as a safer option than the more stressful prospect of giving a lecture. Indeed, the idea of responding to questions as part of a group is much less nerve-wracking than having to be the sole focus of attention during a speech. However, being…

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To be more helpful, look for what’s different, not what’s similar

Understanding a client’s situation and specific needs is essential in establishing a relationship of trust. A client must sense that you are putting yourself in his shoes and, from there, considering how you can help. This can only be achieved if you define your client in terms of what makes him unique. Unfortunately, we naturally…

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Practice “power posing” to boost your confidence in no time

Your body language introduces you before you even speak. In that sense – as leaders – your self-confidence might as well be your best outfit! However, the situation you find yourself in can quickly become overwhelming, increase your stress levels and result in a loss of confidence. The solution? Power posing. In a study conducted…

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