To encourage new ideas, don’t overlook the old-fashioned suggestions box

Over time, organisations and working individuals typically become more efficient and effective in the roles and functions. As we learn from our experiences of what has worked in the past and what has not, it is normally the case that gradual improvement comes. That said, such a focus on improving day-to-day operational activities, ie. doing…

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Defuse objections before they are raised

When trying to persuade someone of our ideas or when going into a sales meeting, it is very likely that our ideas will be faced by some objections. More often than not, during a pitch, we tend to provide all the reasons to support our ideas but while doing this, we are also providing the…

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To understand another person, get their perspective, don’t take it

For anyone who wants to understand the mind of another person, the answer seems obvious: do your best to deliberately try to see things from the other person’s point of view, imagining that you were in his or her shoes. That is what we call doing some perspective-taking. Social psychological research has demonstrated many benefits…

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To appear to be more competent, try to be more confident

Ever wondered why some people in your industry appear to be more competent than you while evidence tends to show that they are, in fact, not? Or why while you are busy at doing a good job, others seem to be advancing much faster in their careers? It is because perceptions of competence seem to…

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Break your addiction to procrastination by managing your negative emotions

Have you ever felt like cleaning up your office desk although your to-do-list only seemed to be getting longer? We all have. Procrastination is known to everyone and studies show it is a complex phenomenon. While your boss might think you have a time management issue, research shows that procrastination comes from a difficulty to…

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When introducing yourself at a networking event, make it personal

Networking events can be daunting for some, boring for others. Overall, they tend to be taken much too seriously. Many of us go in with a precise goal in mind: meeting a specific person, spreading the word about our company, finding a new job. We enter networking events ready to sell ourselves – we expose…

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When under pressure, breathe

When workdays fill up with meetings and project deadlines arrive, we easily feel overwhelmed and busy. As a natural consequence, we tend to get anxious and stressed – some more than others. In those situations, we either push even harder or we look for alternative ways to cope with it. In the search of finding…

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Train your teams by letting them train themselves

The training of staff is rightly seen as a fundamental aspect of development in any organisation. Not only does training develop the practical skills required to improve work performance, but the process of training itself also encourages a feeling of progression that can boost morale and prevent staff turnover. That said, it can often be…

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