To solve complex issues, watch your thoughts!

While the COVID-19 spread becomes fiercer than ever and impacts the entire economy and businesses worldwide – we, as managers or employees – may find it challenging to respond to the crisis fast enough and deal with disruption in the best way. Inevitably, we tend to submerge ourselves with negative thoughts, eventually causing more harm…

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For better productivity, focus on managing your attention rather than your time

Enhancing our productivity at work and in our professional lives is a daily struggle and an ongoing area of personal development for most of us. More often than not, time management skills are presented as the key to greater effectiveness. However, by definition, time management seems contradictory – how can we manage something we have…

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Need to have a productive day? Start by making your bed!

It’s Monday morning. You are about to have your first cup of coffee. Ahead of you lies an intense day of home office: a great many meeting calls are scheduled, the enormous length of your to-do list makes you feel slightly dizzy and you just realise that even when your workday is done, your household…

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When writing an angry work email, send it first to yourself

The world is facing a difficult and worrying time, which can certainly create stress for all of us in our working environment. When we are in such kind stress mode, we could have a tendency to communicate with co-workers and contacts in a non-optimal way if we disagree with them over certain work related topics.…

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While working remotely, improve your phone meetings skills

As the global lock down due to the outbreak of COVID 19 continues to spread, more people than ever are working remotely and conducting business over the phone.  Here are a handful of hints on how to do this well – or better. First, do the test: before the meeting starts, make sure that people…

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Enhance your focus by managing your notifications

Getting to a point of deep focus during your workday is a key requirement for employees and employers alike. A prolonged period of concentration often brings the best opportunity for enhanced creativity, memory, learning, problem solving and decision making. But in many modern working environments, we are surrounded by potential distractions which can significantly decrease…

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Don’t preach about company culture, create rituals instead

Nowadays, company value statements are more sophisticated than ever. Each company proudly boasts its mission and the core values by which it carries out business. In competitive markets, company culture has also become an essential argument in attracting new talents and clients. People want to work with and for companies whose core values they can…

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Level up your leader skillset by practicing mindfulness

We can all agree that great leadership is ultimately the practice of accomplishing work through your team. It is therefore crucial to create a healthy and emotionally safe work environment where your team can thrive and commit to the success of your business. However, the ever-increasing workload and constant need to produce high quality work…

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Design your survival strategy when being constantly distracted in your open office space!

With increasing cross-functional work, more and more companies are adapting an open office workplace. Open-offices can boost creativity, colleagueship and collaboration – the open and (often) loft-style designed work area invites colleagues to interact and bond with each more easily regardless of their job title. While an open office culture facilitates open and collegial communication,…

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