Had to postpone your sports event? Sell it anyway!

COVID19 is having the sports events industry in a firm headlock. Regardless of which sport, hundreds of international sports events around the world have been cancelled, leagues have been postponed and our beloved stars are forced to stay at home. Regardless of whether we are talking athletics, tennis or football, there is a ‘holy trinity’…

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When aiming for big, try thinking small

In our global, connected world, those whose responsibility in an organisation is to make a product, a service or an event more visible (marketers, communicators) will most probably think about how big their next coms idea should be, to reach as many people as possible. Which influencer can bring the most attention? Which media will…

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Inspire your team when returning to the office by keeping an open communication

There is light at the end of the tunnel! With cities and countries around the world preparing to ease the restrictions from Covid-19 the prospect of returning to the office is only days or weeks away. However, the pre-Covid workplace with open workspaces and communal coffee and lunch breaks are being replaced by social distancing…

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To make sure things happen, write them down

The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone However, this very special time has also allowed us to think in a different way and use creativity to find innovative solutions to our problems – whether it’s accelerating the use of digital, renewing a range of services or simply a new way of working with…

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Move through assignments by keeping on the move

In these times of working from home and social distancing, we could be forgiven for living a rather sedentary life. Moreover, we could also be forgiven for thinking this is only a good thing – more time sat at the laptop equals quicker responses to emails and even more time spent completing tasks. While great…

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To solve complex issues, watch your thoughts!

While the COVID-19 spread becomes fiercer than ever and impacts the entire economy and businesses worldwide – we, as managers or employees – may find it challenging to respond to the crisis fast enough and deal with disruption in the best way. Inevitably, we tend to submerge ourselves with negative thoughts, eventually causing more harm…

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For better productivity, focus on managing your attention rather than your time

Enhancing our productivity at work and in our professional lives is a daily struggle and an ongoing area of personal development for most of us. More often than not, time management skills are presented as the key to greater effectiveness. However, by definition, time management seems contradictory – how can we manage something we have…

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Need to have a productive day? Start by making your bed!

It’s Monday morning. You are about to have your first cup of coffee. Ahead of you lies an intense day of home office: a great many meeting calls are scheduled, the enormous length of your to-do list makes you feel slightly dizzy and you just realise that even when your workday is done, your household…

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When writing an angry work email, send it first to yourself

The world is facing a difficult and worrying time, which can certainly create stress for all of us in our working environment. When we are in such kind stress mode, we could have a tendency to communicate with co-workers and contacts in a non-optimal way if we disagree with them over certain work related topics.…

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While working remotely, improve your phone meetings skills

As the global lock down due to the outbreak of COVID 19 continues to spread, more people than ever are working remotely and conducting business over the phone.  Here are a handful of hints on how to do this well – or better. First, do the test: before the meeting starts, make sure that people…

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