Enhance your focus by managing your notifications

Getting to a point of deep focus during your workday is a key requirement for employees and employers alike. A prolonged period of concentration often brings the best opportunity for enhanced creativity, memory, learning, problem solving and decision making. But in many modern working environments, we are surrounded by potential distractions which can significantly decrease…

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Don’t preach about company culture, create rituals instead

Nowadays, company value statements are more sophisticated than ever. Each company proudly boasts its mission and the core values by which it carries out business. In competitive markets, company culture has also become an essential argument in attracting new talents and clients. People want to work with and for companies whose core values they can…

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Level up your leader skillset by practicing mindfulness

We can all agree that great leadership is ultimately the practice of accomplishing work through your team. It is therefore crucial to create a healthy and emotionally safe work environment where your team can thrive and commit to the success of your business. However, the ever-increasing workload and constant need to produce high quality work…

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Design your survival strategy when being constantly distracted in your open office space!

With increasing cross-functional work, more and more companies are adapting an open office workplace. Open-offices can boost creativity, colleagueship and collaboration – the open and (often) loft-style designed work area invites colleagues to interact and bond with each more easily regardless of their job title. While an open office culture facilitates open and collegial communication,…

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Plan for the times when you want to be unavailable

We all have experienced frustrating situations where unexpected requests from co-workers prevent us from getting an important task done. We don’t want to be impolite and just turn our valued co-workers away with “leave me alone” attitude, and we also have to keep in mind the future situations where you would need them. So what…

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Use the power of pause to get the most out of your next discussion

At your next meeting, wait for a pause in conversation and try to measure how long it lasts. Chances are it will be a second or two at most. Longer gaps in a discussion is often considered a perplexing or awkward pause. And yet, knowing when to be tight-lipped can give you the upper hand…

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Start meeting new people before your meeting starts

In the world of international sport, professionals are often put in the position where they must meet new people. This can include discussing current or future opportunities for collaboration, providing or receiving a formal pitch, or presenting the work of your company to a diverse group at an industry gathering. Whatever the circumstance, leaving a…

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When caught in “busyness”, think about the choice of your words!

There are many tasks to complete in a workday and sometimes you are facing heavy workload periods with tight deadlines. During such times, people easily tend to emphasize how much work they have and how busy they are. In fact, they might even blame their “busyness” for having to turn down a co-worker’s request who…

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When you express gratitude, don’t talk about yourself

When someone helps you, you must express gratitude; it is the kind of glue that binds you and your benefactor together and without some sort of acknowledgement, people very quickly stop wanting to help you. Recent studies show that when someone wasn’t thanked for their help, their future rates of helping people were immediately cut…

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