In these times of working from home and social distancing, we could be forgiven for living a rather sedentary life. Moreover, we could also be forgiven for thinking this is only a good thing – more time sat at the laptop equals quicker responses to emails and even more time spent completing tasks.

While great in theory, the reality can often be different. Sitting for long periods of time has not only shown to reduce productivity, but also job satisfaction and overall mental and physical health. Now, perhaps more than ever, we risk spiraling into a dangerous cycle of staring blankly at our screens, before wondering where our time has gone.

So what can we do to keep our minds sharp while working at our computers? Stay active! Whether it be a quick walk (even if around the room you are in), a quick stretch or a quick exercise or two in between tasks – anything to help get the blood flowing will release endorphins, improving mood and reducing stress, and also increase your alertness and focus for the tasks in hand.

No matter what your age or what your fitness level, there are things out there for you. So use little movement breaks to refresh your mind and come back stronger! And the best thing – you can carry on these practices when you are able to return to the office. Keep focused by keeping active!