We can all agree that great leadership is ultimately the practice of accomplishing work through your team. It is therefore crucial to create a healthy and emotionally safe work environment where your team can thrive and commit to the success of your business.

However, the ever-increasing workload and constant need to produce high quality work often results in employee’s burn-out and decrease in productivity.

Recently, studies have found that the practice of Mindfulness in the workplace can lift the psychological capital of an organisation and improve the bottom line. Here is why:

Mindfulness raises your level of awareness: The more you understand the environment in which you operate, the better you can manage it. Not all leaders have the capacity to realise how he/she is perceived by the employees. But being able to have an accurate idea of how employees are responding to you and what triggers their motivation can only have a positive implication on your business.

Mindfulness helps you manage your stress levels: Beyond reducing your ability to focus and make the good decisions, stress can be felt across the entire organisation. Mindfulness trains you to sustain managed emotions, helping you to react more appropriately to stressful situations, which ultimately reduces your employees’ stress levels and creates a better workplace.

Mindfulness improves your innovative thinking: by clearing your thoughts and putting aside the noise that comes from external distractions, mindfulness fosters your cognitive flexibility and enables you to see beyond the usual framework you use to solve problems and make decisions.

So, if you want to level up your leader skillset, start practicing mindfulness. And this can be as easy as taking a daily 5-minute breathing exercise or a small break to re-connect with yourself.