Enhancing our productivity at work and in our professional lives is a daily struggle and an ongoing area of personal development for most of us. More often than not, time management skills are presented as the key to greater effectiveness.

However, by definition, time management seems contradictory – how can we manage something we have no control over?

A better focus may actually be to manage our attention. Indeed, attention management re-frames our efforts into focusing on something we can control – our attention – rather than a variable which we have no power over – time. It allows us to be more intentional and proactive in the organisation of our workflow, by focusing on reducing distractions and making the time we have at hand most valuable.

Adopting an attention managing mindset can start by paying attention to our energy levels throughout the day, then working around those moments of peak productivity and motivation to optimise the distribution of tasks throughout our day. Managing external distractions and intentionally focusing on what we devote our thoughts and attention to may be the single best strategy to getting more done in the time we have. So, let’s focus on gaining control over our attention to gain greater control over our lives!

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