Nowadays, company value statements are more sophisticated than ever. Each company proudly boasts its mission and the core values by which it carries out business. In competitive markets, company culture has also become an essential argument in attracting new talents and clients. People want to work with and for companies whose core values they can identify with.

However, even though value statements are important and go a long way in defining what a company stands for, much too often these statements remain intangible, unactionable and are easily lost of sight in daily business.

To truly define a company, culture must be built and nurtured through rituals which serve to make core values actionable. For example, a company who places emphasis on team spirit should make sure to have set moments during the week focused on building and maintaining relationships, like morning huddles, weekly lunches or after-work. A company which values self-management can implement a monthly or quarterly discussion to help employees to set their own objectives.

When repeated regularly, these efforts become rituals with the power of shaping individual and collective behaviours in correspondence with company culture. Implementing rituals in an organisation is essential in building company culture and can drastically boost employees’ engagement and sense of belonging. Ultimately, the rituals chosen by a company must reflect its core values.

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