When trying to persuade someone of our ideas or when going into a sales meeting, it is very likely that our ideas will be faced by some objections. More often than not, during a pitch, we tend to provide all the reasons to support our ideas but while doing this, we are also providing the other side with room to come up with all the reasons against it. Thus painting ourselves into a corner.

So, how to deal with this situation?

One can never make all objections go away, but you can drastically minimise them. This starts by stating the objections. By raising objections, one can also immediately explain how they can be overcome or incorrect. For example: “Some people might think that this proposal is expensive, however when one takes into consideration the additional added benefits such as x, y and z, this is quite fair”.

Therefore, the next time you make a proposal remember to defuse objections before they are raised by stating the objections yourself and providing answers to these objections. This will enable you to set the tone of the meeting and keep objections at a minimum.

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