When a bidding committee decides to develop an effective and successful campaign, communication and media planning are often pushed front and center with seemingly positive messages flowing out at a constant rate. What better way to raise the profile than to release press releases about all your strengths right?

Wrong. As good as your message or your story is, it is important to remember that it must be developed with close consideration of your competitors. Meaning that all your strengths and weaknesses are only as good or bad relatively compared to other competing bids.

This consideration is extremely important when identifying what should be communicated and what should be played down. This, combined with a thorough understanding of the bid’s organizational priorities should form the foundation of your communications efforts.

For example, you might think that an area where you are strong (compared to the general standard) should be talked up but when compared to your competition they are actually stronger, so don’t focus on it. Or perhaps you have an area where you think you are weak (compared to the standard/requirements) but your competition is even weaker, so focus on that.

Remember, it is not about being strong or weak, it is about being stronger or weaker compared to your competition.