We will all face disappointments sometimes during our professional careers; maybe someone else got the promotion you were expecting, or you didn’t get the new job that you applied for.

You are obviously very disappointed, and you need to acknowledge the pain we all feel about being rejected. However, these set-backs don’t have to derail your career – they can actually become the first step to moving your career forward.

First, you need to take a step back, reflect and assess the situation. Is what happened a reflection on you and your skills or were there factors at play that were beyond your control? – which is often the case. Be fair to yourself and then make a conscious effort to look toward the future. You must spend some time thinking about your strengths and what you love doing and consider how else you could use your skills. Maybe the next move in your career will be in an area you haven’t even considered yet.  But this process requires reflection from your side and right after a career set-back – no matter how painful it feels in the moment – could be just the best time to so.

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