Over time, organisations and working individuals typically become more efficient and effective in the roles and functions. As we learn from our experiences of what has worked in the past and what has not, it is normally the case that gradual improvement comes.

That said, such a focus on improving day-to-day operational activities, ie. doing things right, can lead to some organisations struggling to take a more distanced view of whether they are ‘doing the right things’, and this prevents new and innovative ideas coming to light.

A good way for organisations to encourage new, fresh thinking in this regard is the old-fashioned suggestions box. This represents a chance for employees, in an anonymous manner, to provide honest and carefree suggestions, big or small, which can help the company improve with new and creative ideas.

The suggestions box, which can be done in a physical or virtual manner, can also act as a real incentive for employees to think carefully about how the organisation can improve and feel a true part of the team, especially if leaders introduce initiatives to give a weekly or monthly reward for the best suggestion! The simplest solution is often the best one – so don’t overlook the suggestions box!

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