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World Archery Federation

The brief

Following a long history of collaboration with the world governing body of Archery, our team of sport experts were contacted by World Archery's newly elected President to assist in the development of a new worldwide strategic plan for the sport.
Our response

Following a preliminary "Think Tank" session with key representatives of WAF and other members of the world of Archery, it has been decided that the process of putting together a strategic plan for the sport has to take into consideration the family of Archery at large. Over the course of 2006 all continental associations were heard as well as key stakeholders of the sport (i.e. media specialists and commercial partners), in order to create a strong and inclusive strategic plan which identified key objectives and specific actions that should be undertaken. The plan, which commenced in 2007, guides WAF and its extended family in its development and continued growth.

From the Client

“When we decided to develop a new strategic plan for Archery, this team of experts naturally came to our minds because of their external point of view and their wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.”

Tom Dielen Secretary General, World Archery Federation

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