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Union Européenne de Football Associations (UEFA)

The brief

As part of UEFA's "Hattrick programme", an extensive education programme was launched which aimed at providing management seminars and workshops to all its 52 member associations. We were asked to advise on both the content and format of these seminars and workshops which were to take place at both at UEFA's headquarters and on location at selected associations.
Our response

In collaboration with UEFA's leadership, we provided advise on both the format and the content of the seminars. Prior to the seminars together with UEFA at preparatory meetings, we identified key issues to be addressed and developed a range of education tools focusing on making the seminars interactive. In the hopes of promoting exchange of knowledge the seminars were designed to minimise the amount of lecture time and maximise the amount of interactivity and discussion.

The three day seminars focused on the topic of communication and media, covering topics such as personal communication skills, image management, branding, public relations and media relations. We produced all of the materials for the seminars, (slides, exercises, case studies) and also facilitated the various sessions.

From the Client

“With both their understanding of the challenges a sports organisation faces everyday and their experience of developing training sessions for sports administrators, BCW provided us with an adequate educational scenario and content responding to the real needs of the associations.”

Head of Assistance Programmes, UEFA

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