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Singapore Sports Council (SSC)

The Brief

The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) is Singapore's lead agency tasked with developing sports in Singapore. Their vision is to create a Sporting Singapore where sport is a way of life. SSC aims to develop sports champions and create enjoyable sporting experiences for Singapore through the three strategic thrusts of cultivating a sporting culture, achieving sports excellence and creating a vibrant sports industry. Our team of experts was engaged to assist the SSC to better understand how their current sports-related initiatives are being perceived around the world. Eventually, helping SSC to develop a strong and self-sustainable sports eco-system in Singapore with a focused strategy.
Our Response

We proposed a four step approach to the SSC to identify not only how Singapore is perceived in the sports world, but also to build on this perception for the SSC to be sharper in its promotional activities in the future.

Initiated with the conduct of a Survey (asking 80 industry experts on their views about sport in Singapore), the process involved the study of other similar bodies in other cities around the world. This data was processed and turned into a positioning for Singapore that will be translated into specific actions to be undertaken in order for the SSC to achieve its various objectives in a quicker, and more targeted way.

From the Client

“This team of experts brought us the international insight that we needed for our strategy to be more efficient in our approach in the international arena in the future.”

Rakel Liew, Deputy Director, Sports Business Division, Singapore Sports Council

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