Brazilian National Olympic Committee

“The arrival of Steve Roush and expert consultants brought an immense contribution to the development of Olympic Sports in Brazil. His experience leading the American team during three editions of the Olympic Games will certainly be very useful. His presence will add to the planning being done by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, together with the national federations, for the next Olympic cycle.”

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Qatar Women’s Sport Committee (QWSC)

“The Qatar Women’s Sport Committee has made tremendous efforts for women’s sport over the last few years and we don’t plan to slow down. Our work has enabled Qatari women to play a much bigger role in society and widen their opportunities. We are pleased to be working with this team of experts as their experience in strategic planning within the specific context of the region and with women’s sports is very valuable.”

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Danish Swimming Federation

“To help us fulfill our vision to become the best sports federation in Denmark, we have asked this team of experts to conduct a thorough analysis of our organization and services. For us they were the obvious choice on behalf of their deeply analytical skills and unique expertise in change management in sports organisation.”

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City of Halmstad, Sweden

“Since working with this team of experts we have already celebrated our first success as we won the right to host the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championship. We are confident that we can host more international events in the future and we will put all of our efforts into doing so.”

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Denmark-Germany 2019

“During a short and very intense bidding process, our team of bid consultants proved to be a fantastic partner and excellent source of knowledge throughout the whole campaign. They helped us develop and communicate our plans in a way that made our bid really stand out.[1]”

“The vast experience and know-how brought by our bid consultants to the team has been invaluable to this great success.[2]”

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City of Manchester

“Manchester is a truly unique city when it comes to sport. A potential regional sports hub would further add to the economic development of Manchester. We are happy to be working with this team of expert consultants as they have a unique understanding of the sports market, both national and international. This provides an educated perspective and an efficient way of working, allowing the project to move quickly.”

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City of Amsterdam

“These expert consultants understand the sport world and helped us in shaping our hosting strategy for years to come. In particular, their understanding of the sport of Athletics helped us develop a very strong and convincing narrative for the 2016 European Athletics Championships. We won, and this great success is now a key stepping stone for our Olympic ambitions.”

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Qatar Olympic Committee

“We were looking to work with a team whose experience and expertise in creating successful communication campaigns would help us to highlight our strengths and expand the reach of our message. We found a great partner in our bid consultants; their professionalism and dedication were instrumental to our success.”

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“Pittsburgh has become one of the most important sports cities in the United States, with storied professional franchises, state of the art venues and numerous NCAA collegiate institutions. These community partners are important and we know the important role they will play in our continued growth. We look forward to our work with these team of experts as we formulate a long-term strategy that will serve not only Pittsburgh but the surrounding area.”

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City of Ottawa

“In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th anniversary – as the Capital, we have ambitious plans to make sure that it is celebrated in style. We are thrilled to be working with our team of experts whose knowledge and experience are invaluable as we step into this highly competitive market.”

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