Swiss Olympic Association

“Swiss Olympic has become a service oriented organisation. We have many different stakeholders that each have different expectations and our staff need to be ready to provide quality services at all times. Because of their understanding of our industry, This expert team of consultants helped us improve these specific skills.”

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Union Européenne de Football Associations (UEFA)

“With both their understanding of the challenges a sports organisation faces everyday and their experience of developing training sessions for sports administrators, TSE provided us with an adequate educational scenario and content responding to the real needs of the associations.”

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United World Wrestling

“We need to transform our organisation and our sport to ensure a stronger future and to become a better partner for the Olympic Movement. A long term strategiy is exactly what we need right now. The team of trusted sport consultants were recommended and their extensive experience working with other international sports organisations speaks for itself.”

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World Archery Federation

“When we decided to develop a new strategic plan for Archery, this team of experts naturally came to our minds because of their external point of view and their wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.”

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Brazilian National Olympic Committee (COB)

“The arrival of this team of experts brought an immense contribution to the development of Olympic Sports in Brazil. Their  presence added to the planning that was being done by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, together with the national federations, for the Olympic cycle culminating in 2016 in our country.”

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Singapore Sports Council (SSC)

“This team of experts brought us the international insight that we needed for our strategy to be more efficient in our approach in the international arena in the future.”

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Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sport

“This team of experts came highly recommended and brought not only experience and expertise in performance planning, but also a rigorous approach to deliver a great plan.”

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Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

“The consulting team’s expertise and high quality work resulted in a quality report, which was presented to the leadership of the country and will certainly be used in the preparations of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Thanks for the great effort applied for the benefit of World and Russian sports.”

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Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

“Cleveland continuously looks for ways to increase its position in the rapidly changing sports marketplace.  We hired this team of experts to assist us in developing strategies and identifying targeted NCAA events with the greatest opportunity for success.  With a systematic approach in place, we believe our bid efforts will result in unprecedented success during this bid cycle.”

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Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission

“Buffalo continues to transform and reinvent itself.  Our infrastructure and resources are changing at a rapid pace.  We hired this team of experts to assist us with a 10-year events strategy which is being used by multiple organizations as we work to better position ourselves in this rapidly changing sports environment.  The direction and guidance provided is allowing us to move forward with a plan to invest in capital improvements and a focus that will allow us to target events which are a match for our assets and resources.”

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