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The brief

The Peruvian Olympic Committee engaged our expert bid consultants to assist them in implementing an extensive and effective campaign strategy for their bid for the 2019 Pan American Games.

We were asked to develop the strategy to secure a strong and competitive message and implement consistent communication both on a national and international level.

Our response

As the decision making body for the Games included representation from all Pan American Sport Organisation (PASO) national members, a key factor of the competitive strategy of Lima 2019 was to identify the strengths of Lima and then clearly communicate them to each of the voters. Lima 2019 was competing against bids from Argentina (La Punta), Chile (Santiago) and Venezuela (Ciudad Bolivar).

Following initial meetings with the Peruvian Olympic Committee, a comprehensive communication strategy was developed. The focus was to position Lima as the `First Choice' for voters.

In cooperation with the Peruvian Olympic Committee and the Lima 2019 bid team, we developed the bid book, implemented a communication strategy using a wide range of communication tools to reach voting members and influencers and developed the final presentation. The entire campaign peaked on the last day of the bid when the final presentation, which hit on all key messages, was delivered flawlessly by the team.

The result was overwhelming. At PASO's General Assembly in Toronto, in October 2013, Lima 2019 won the right to host the 2019 Pan American Games with a first-round victory (31 votes versus 9 for Argentina, 9 for Chile, 8 for Columbia).

"Their strong track record speaks for itself, their professionalism and experience was instrumental throughout our campaign. From early days through to the final presentation they did a great job helping us to develop our message and communicate it to the entire Pan American family."

José Quiñones President,

Peruvian Olympic Committee

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