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The Brief

Visit Buffalo Niagara (VBN) markets local assets and attractions as a convention, tourism, and leisure destination for the economic benefit of the community, including conventions and meetings, sports events, and heritage tourism.

The Buffalo Niagara Sports Commission (BNSC), a subsidiary of VBN, seeks to attract events that establish a strong brand for the city and region, create economic impact, and provide vibrancy for visitors and community residents. It has established excellent relationships with the professional sports franchises, the academic institutions that conduct intercollegiate sports programs, and the organizations that provide opportunities for a wide variety of constituencies – e.g., youth, disabled, senior, and elite sports.

Our Response

We have worked with BNSC and its constituents to develop a dynamic and long-term strategy aimed at delivering important events to Buffalo, further positioning Buffalo as an important player in the sports marketplace.

As part of the process, BNSC leaders have prioritized sports that have historic traditions, local technical expertise, strong volunteer support, and outstanding venues, recognizing the importance of focused and strategic efforts to win events in these primary sports.

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