No spectators? No (big) problem!

“It’s the end of the world as we know it”, so goes the chorus of R.E.M’s famous pop song. Written in 1987 to picture a doomsday scenario, it might be equally applicable to the world of sports events – as we know it – in 2020. As a matter of fact, COVID19 is still keeping…

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Make your sport event a festival, not a single concert!

Traditionally, sports events follow one of two typical patterns. Either they are attached to a home arena of a team, resulting in home and away games for individual clubs. Or rights holders are looking for host cities and venues bidding for their event. Either way, fans typically have to travel, often a lot. This hasn’t…

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Why pre-event (and not post-event) legacy should be prioritised

When sports organisations and event organisers meet to discuss various aspects of sports events, the word ‘legacy’ is often mentioned. An event must ‘leave a legacy behind’ and the basic idea of ‘event legacy’ is to focus not only on the period of the actual event but even more on the years following the event.…

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When developing a hosting strategy, start with “why”

A good and focused sports event strategy can produce success – and the lack of it is often the main reason for ending up spending a lot of money without creating impact or generating the desired benefits. Having a strategy does not mean that bids won’t be lost or that every event will result in…

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Why events must always seek to go back to school

Creating a high level of local engagement in an event is a priority for almost any sport event rights-holder and local organising committee. High local engagement has the obvious tangible benefits of developing new fans of the sport, creating full arenas and offering more lucrative commercial opportunities for the organisers, all of which can be…

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Enhance your communication impact by getting closer to your rights holder!

Communication around a sporting event is managed by many stakeholders. Amongst them, there is the organising committee of course, but also the international governing body or other rights holders, the actual “owners” of the event. While the messages communicated by both entities are (hopefully!) not conflicting  – they are often not really aligned. There are…

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Legacy from event hosting: focus on leveraging what is already there!

When cities, regions or nations discuss how to create effective and sustainable benefits from a major event to be hosted in their place, the focus is often on so-called “legacy programmes”. What is meant by that is that some new programmes are created, which then can be introduced as a direct link to the event…

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Postponed events – here is what you can do with some extra time!

Organising a sporting event means stress. Surprisingly or not, “CareerCast” has ranked event management the fifth most stressful job on earth – right after firefighters. For the communications team around a sporting event, this not only implies a significant increase of grey hair and eye rings. It also means that, with a job just slightly…

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Had to postpone your sports event? Sell it anyway!

COVID19 is having the sports events industry in a firm headlock. Regardless of which sport, hundreds of international sports events around the world have been cancelled, leagues have been postponed and our beloved stars are forced to stay at home. Regardless of whether we are talking athletics, tennis or football, there is a ‘holy trinity’…

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