Sport events during a pandemic: See opportunities where others see threats

The Covid-19 pandemic has created and is creating a worldwide turmoil in different areas of life. The sport industry is not the exception thereof. Matches, competitions and events are being postponed, modified or even cancelled on a daily basis. This forces many different industry stakeholders to rapidly come up with solutions that can mainly be…

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Sports events must find their USP, and focus on it

In the advertising world in the 1940s, Rosser Reeves, a creative partner at American advertising agency Ted Bates & co, first coined the term ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ (USP). Having a growing concern about the use of campaigns as an ‘expression of ego’, Reeves sought to redefine the importance of communication to ensure it was used…

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The extra experience: Start working with your event partners

At the beginning of the year, many hoped that by Fall 2020 we would be able to organize events again. However, this dream is at the moment only partially fulfilled with the virus still having a huge grip on the world and so, eventually also sports events. Despite many developments and tryouts between June and…

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Mass participation: Let the few be joined by the many

Mass participation sports events are on the rise. Be it marathons, triathlons or Spartan Runs, these races are regularly attracting tens of thousands of people. Experts disagree on the reasons for the latest upswing of the event format. But some of the benefits to the most important stakeholders of a sporting event are commonly acknowledged:…

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Sooner rather than later: Engage with your local population

One of the dreams of any sport event organizer is that the population connects to the project, can take ownership of the event and eventually having a stadium full of spectators. But this is the result of an engagement strategy that should not be neglected, that can take time and that must be carried out…

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A handful of hints – for any city selecting any event

The Montréal 1976 Olympics might be of the most prominent example of a major sporting event bringing its host city more harm than benefits in the long run. Until today, the Canadian metropolis is paying off debts that were accumulated over 40 years ago. Major sporting events, however, do not necessarily have to be the…

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Set the stage for positive legacies by letting your event adapt to its host!

The creation of positive economic, sporting, social, political and environmental legacies is one of major motivations behind cities’ decisions to host sport events of all kinds. However, much of events’ positive legacies emerge from hosts’ ability to leverage existing assets and build on them to build a better future for their city. Though most sports…

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Put the ‘event’ in Sports Event by Filling the Gaps!

When most of us think about sports events, the first thing that comes to mind is the sport on show. The fast-paced action, the special bit of skill or the game-clinching winner. And so it should be – such memories enable the sport to become infused in people’s minds and turn casual viewers into long-term…

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If you are bidding for an event, you better do it right!

Many international rights-holders, including the IOC and several International Federations, are nowadays awarding the hosts of their major events via a more consultative approach compared to the traditional bidding process where two or more places are competing for the same event. Some major events, however, are still awarded via a competitive bidding process – e.g.…

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