Solve problems effectively by delaying the solution

In a fast-moving world, quick decisions are often seen as a criterion for good management, and the same is applied to problem solving. As a result, when faced with problems, many managers respond by going straight to attempting a solution. But often, the best initial action to take when faced with a problem is to take…

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When giving feedback, talk about yourself

Giving constructive feedback, whether to colleagues or clients, is difficult and can often be met with resistance. One way to overcome this is to make your feedback seem less like personal criticism, by focusing on your own experience when providing feedback. This way, the feedback will be less about what the other person did or…

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Skip some “need to have” slides next time you make a presentation

Despite the frequent criticism of using slides when presenting, in general it is still a very useful tool for enhancing both the understanding and the impact of the presentations we make. That said, we must very carefully consider which slides to actually include in our presentation. We should follow the “less is more” philosophy –…

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When reading from a script, look at your audience in a different way

Using a script when delivering an important speech allows the speaker to feel more comfortable, to speak more clearly, and to say everything that needs to be said. However, there is a danger that with reading like this, the audience will more easily disengage with the speaker because the script acts as an “obstacle” between…

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Turn your list of points into an exciting count-down

On many occasions, you have probably been in a situation when you were presenting a list of points to an audience. Whether this be a set of recommendations or an overview of challenges for consideration, we have all experienced that we create more attention if the list is not too long. Who really wants to…

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Prepare for media interviews by thinking in headlines

Sports managers very often give interviews to the media print media, television or radio, and whether it is for a short audio clip in connection with an event, or a longer in-depth feature article, every interview must be viewed as an important opportunity to promote the work of your organisation – without having to pay…

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To be better understood, be less formal

As professionals in sport, most of the written communication we do is meant to influence. Whether it is to explain the rationale behind a rule change, a new development strategy for the federation, or the motivations behind new event format, we write with the objective to bring people closer to our point of view. But…

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To relieve some stress, learn something new

You probably handle work stress by buckling down and powering through. Which will probably not help relieve your anxiety as you won’t feel that you are getting something valuable out of the process. Instead, try reframing the stressful situation as a learning opportunity. Learning something new won’t only add to your skill set and knowledge,…

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